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FILE - In this Nov. 30, 2004 file photo, Coratina olives hang from a tree at the Round Pound Estate with vineyards in the background in Rutherford, Calif. Olive oil production in the U.S. is steadily growing. The domestic industry, with mostly high-end specialty brands, has gone from 1 percent of the national olive oil market five years ago to 3 percent today. To know a good oil from another, simply take a small sip, then blowing out through your upper teeth. This is the test that tells. A tour of the processing rooms is interesting, and depending on the time of year, you can see how the olive oil is pressed. Adding to the stop at Round Pond, is a tour of their wine cellars and naturally a tasting. The family owned business is one of the newest estates to be developed. Officially arriving on the scene in 2007, this grow establishment is making a great reputation for itself. It is designed to produce wines that are a balanced blend of artisan techniques and cutting-edge technology. Hand-sorting twice and attention to details in the fermenting and aging process gives the wine at Round Pond its distinctive characters. width=

It’s impossible not to be won over by the scenery and the hospitality of California’s wine country. Once you experience its beauty, it will leave indelible memories that promise to last a lifetime. You unavoidably engage your full range of senses when exploring this rich, complex land. A coach tour is a great way to take it all in, especially if you have a short time to spend.

The last stop, on our first day took you to Sonoma Valley and Nicholson Ranch. Their hospitality extended to a delicious dinner on a patio where the sky bursting with stars is your roof. You don’t want to miss out on an evening in wine country so a walk down to the pond, with a side trip to visit the horses, caps the day off perfectly. The first day leaves you exhausted in a soft and relaxing way, and a good night’s sleep is pretty much a guarantee.

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It’s been another challenging year with extreme drought and forest fires threatening the vineyards of California. The dry weather makes for a stronger fruit, but a balance is crucial to the final product. Although there are challenges, winemakers continue to put out excellent wines year after year. What are the secrets of the great winemakers of the West Coast?

Some are not willing to share their magic touches saying it’s all an art and hard to put into words. But there are companies out there that will cater to your every need like Party Bus Greensboro NC will do to ensure a pleasant experience. They can afford to show you the ropes of their business to some extent but I guess many experienced wine makers tend hold the public’s curiosity, and wisely still do not give up all their secrets.

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