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Cali Wine Tour

Those of us who have a love affair going on with the grape can all relate to a fine wine, whether its from the Bordeaux region of France or the Northern vineyards of California. Excellent wine comes to us via tender loving care, climate and the natural engineering of the grapes it’s produced from. Good wine can not fool the palette, but instead entices it as it tells its story.

What you will find at California Wine Made Easy:
Whether you are a connoisseur of fine wine or a casual participant in the appreciation of the heavenly nectar, California Wine Made Easy will happily offer you insights through some of the basics. From the making of wine, the types of grapes that deliver the preferred products, the owners of the vineyards and their dedication to their craft, as well as insights and recommendations to you – the consumer, will show up on these pages. For those unfamiliar with the new as well as the more established vineyards dotting the terrain, California Wine Made Easy will give guidance and tell stories about which vineyards should be on the top of your list to purchase from, and keep a future eye on.

From the relatively small to the larger farmers who make a contribution to the world of wine, there are challenges that every wine maker faces. I’ll give you a heads up on which vineyards are having good years and which were swept under for the season. It happens. It is not easy being in the business of producing quality and with any form of farming Mother Nature always has the final say.

What are the latest accessories, and the must haves if you fancy yourself an amateur aficionado of the grape? What are the best tools to enhance your enjoyment of wine? Which tours are recommended to take in if you come from another part of the world and want to explore the industry up close and personal? And what sets some winemakers apart from the others?

These are all topics that are addressed at California Wine Made Easy. We thank you for joining us as together we explore the unending adventure of California wines.