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Monthly Archives: January 2016

California Wine Country

Taking a tour of the California wine country is like stepping into heaven. The air is filled with a particular scent that keeps me in mind of the richness of the land. The endless acres of grape vines that undulate over graceful slopes makes me want to just sit and stare. On a sunny morning when the dew has not quite lifted, it’s magical and the sunsets are beyond description. It’s not a wonder that such a paradise produces some of the best wine in the world.

A person can wing it, regardless of what they do for a living or their social status. Anyone from local taxi drivers to Kansas City plumbers can travel from vineyard to vineyard on their own, but the recommended approach is through an established wine tour operator. Trafalgar is one of the most respected tour companies with one of the best travel agendas through Napa Valley that anyone could wish for. You might think that being towed along on a huge bus with forty other people isn’t your cup of tea or your glass of wine, but it’s honestly the best way to get the full experience of this incredible country.

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Early Wine history

California wines are not the newcomers to the scene that many think. It may be true that we have only just recently gained the respect of the world as a great wine producing area, but our history goes back over 240 years. In fact, it takes time to make an excellent wine, and it takes time to produce a superb vineyard. While our domestic wines have taken a rightful place in the world over the past 40 years, California has been a center of cultivation for over 240 years.

As far back as 1769 when a Franciscan missionary brought the grape up from Mexico an industry was born. The industry served the tables and the alters of Franciscan monks from San Diego to Sonoma Valley. This first grape brought to California was rightfully named as the Mission Grape.

Father Serra established vineyards along his route of missions at 21 different sites in what is known today as the Camino Real. Everyone from the best plumbers Burlington Ontario to local contractors and wine enthusiasts alike have travelled from far and wide to enjoy the simple pleasures of the land. The rugged terrain and cultivating the grape was a natural fit for California. Not to mention the climate and the land were a perfect combination for the vine to thrive.

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It’s been another challenging year with extreme drought and forest fires threatening the vineyards of California. The dry weather makes for a stronger fruit, but a balance is crucial to the final product. Although there are challenges, winemakers continue to put out excellent wines year after year. What are the secrets of the great winemakers of the West Coast?

Some are not willing to share their magic touches saying it’s all an art and hard to put into words. But there are companies out there that will cater to your every need like Party Bus Greensboro NC will do to ensure a pleasant experience. They can afford to show you the ropes of their business to some extent but I guess many experienced wine makers tend hold the public’s curiosity, and wisely still do not give up all their secrets.

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