California Wine Tasting Forms

Please find below the Wine Tasting Forms we have created to make your California Wine Tasting Party fun and informational. The forms fall into two categories: "Non-Blind" and "Blind" Tasting Parties. All of these Forms are also available on our Downloadable Files Page.

One of the Main Reasons for having Wine Tasting Parties is to find new wines. It would be a shame if your guests found some California Wines they really liked, but didn't have a way to take home that information. The Hostess/Host can help provide that info. Below you will find the Wine Tasting Taster's Sheet and the Blind Version - either can be used for this purpose.

Or.... You can email a summary of the results of the Tasting Party to all your guests: a simple list of the winning wines (make sure to include the Winery Name, Date, Varietal and any other key info), a ranking of all the wines tasted or any other creative way to provide your guests with the results.

Non-Blind California Wine Tasting Party Forms

The Wine Tasting Taster's Sheet can be used for recording which California Wines were tasted and any notes about that wine. You can also just use this form for guests to record the wines they liked. The sheet can be cut along the dotted line (each side has room for 5 wines) or used whole (for 10 wines).

The Tasting Card is for placing in front of the wine bottle. This card has room for all the necessary information for the California Wine being tasted. This card also allows each taster to "check" whether they like that particular wine. Each form has 4 cards.

Note: You can print all of these "cards" on card stock if you prefer a heavier card.

The final 2 forms of the Non-Blind Tasting category are the Front Tasting Card and Back Tasting Card that make one card. The Front is used to record the Taster's thoughts about that particular wine and the back has more detailed "flavors" to circle and a place for notes/comments. We keep a handful of these on our dining table to record new wines we taste.

Note: Print out one of the forms, then place that printout into your printer's paper feed tray and print out the other form on the opposite side. This form should be available to your guests in quantities; use one form for each wine tasted.

Blind California Wine Tasting Party Forms

Because the Tasting is Blind, the Wine Tasting Forms needed are different-they divulge a bit less information.

The first form is to be filled out by the Hostess/Host without all the tasters looking over her/his shoulder. It is the Master Registry for a Blind Tasting. This list is used to record all the wines being tasted; each wine is assigned a number which is also recorded on the Blind Tasting Bottle Card and placed in front of the appropriate California Wine. The Master Registry for a Blind Tasting form can also be handed out to your guests at the end of the Tasting Party as a reference for the California Wines that were tasted.

There are also similar Front Tasting Cards and Back Tasting Cards for a Blind Tasting. Print them out as mentioned above, for the Non-Blind Cards, to have a front/back card for recording tasting notes and comments.

One of the final Wine Tasting Forms is called the Blind Wine Tasting-Taster's Sheet. This form can be used as an alternative to the front/back cards (with less detail) and/or as a reference sheet for your guests to take home.

Please let us know, using our Contact Us Form, if you have any ideas to make these Wine Tasting Forms more valuable.

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