Blind Tasting Covers

Blind Tasting Covers or Blind Tasting Bottle Bags are used for hiding the identity of the California Wines you are serving at your Wine Tasting Parties. We have found blind tasting bottle bags at "dollar" stores, you can obtain some of the brown paper wine bottle bags from your wine shop, or if your guests bring the wine in a bag, just use that.

For chilled wine, the "dollar" stores also have plastic gift bags that can be set in water and not fade or come apart. We've also found using removable shipping labels to cover the wine label work well, such as Avery 6464, Avery 05454 or Avery 05450.

Check out our Wine Tasting page for details on how to have California Wine Tasting Parties. Blind Tasting Covers are, obviously, typically used when you do not want your guests to know what they are tasting. The Covers you choose can add to the fun of your California Wine Tasting Parties.

Blind Tasting Covers, the Wine Tasting Forms and of course, California Wines make for a great party. We use them when we want to see what our guests think of CA Wines of the same Varietal; they are also nice when tasting wines from the same winery; or if you don't want your tasters' opinions to be influenced by knowing the wines they are tasting.

See our Downloadable Files Page for our printable PDF Tasting Forms. 

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